Every golfer is looking to improve, and the path to improvement is unique to each. Each golfer has different resources, goals, available time, personalities, and mindsets. Dr. Kevin Moore and doctoral candidate Nico Darras draw on their analytics, education, performance, and psychology expertise to build data- and research-driven improvement plans tailored to your golf game. 


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Many golfers misjudge how and when they should practice. We've all stood on the range aimlessly looking around wondering what to do. Dr. Kevin Moore and doctoral candidate Nico Darras started Golf Blueprint with the goal of addressing this problem by creating the best practice program in golf. Golf Blueprint tells you what to do and when to do it. 

As a Golf Blueprint Member, you receive tailored plans that take you through your practice step-by-step. Golf Blueprint Plans are built using the patent-pending Golf Blueprint Algorithm, which incorporates cutting-edge predictive analytics, learning theories, and performance psychology. You no longer have to ask, "Did I practice the right thing today?" Golf Blueprint Plans ensure you leave each session on the best path to improvement. 

Golf Blueprint Plan

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“Kevin and Nico were great at identifying ways I can work on technique, giving me devoted time intervals, and then building in games that allow for variety."