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The Golf Blueprint Team 

Nico Darras, E.dD, MA


Dr. Nico "Doc" Darras had never played a full round of golf before the age of 23 and 7 years later is a plus handicap and works with some of the best golfers in the world!


Doc was a D1 baseball player who suffered a career-ending injury one month before the Major League draft, ending his big league dreams. 

While attending the University of San Diego on the deans scholarship, Doc began learning the game of golf. Two years after his first round of golf, Doc competed as an amateur on the "Outlaw" tour in Arizona. 


After shooting 72 in a one day event and checking the scores to see players in the low 60's, Doc knew he needed to improve quickly in order to close the gap on the competition. 

Driving home from an event one day, Doc heard "Dr. Kevin Moore" on the Fried Egg podcast and the two soon became friends and business partners with a shared love of golf, academics and the desire to improve. 

Doc wrote his dissertation focusing on using Golf Blueprint theories to help players improve. 

In addition to competing himself, Doc proudly works with professional golfers on the PGA Tour, LIV and DP World Tour. 


Kevin Moore, PhD

Kevin is a Professor at the University of Georgia and a competitive amateur golfer. Kevin was a NCAA Division I Collegiate Golfer with academic honors, has qualified for multiple USGA competitions, and has caddied on the Hooters Tour, Mackenzie Tour, and Champions Tour.


Kevin stepped away from the game for a decade to complete Master's and Doctoral studies in applied mathematics, analytics, education, and psychology. Upon his return to the game, Kevin applied principles learned during his studies to found the strategy and game management company Squares 2 Circles and co-founded Golf Blueprint with Doc. 


His background in mathematics and cognitive development prepares Kevin to balance analytics with mental engagement and theories of change. Reflecting his soulful and passionate approach to the game, Kevin is also Chief Ambassador of NewClub Golf Society and co-host of the "Bag Drop" podcast.

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