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Golf Blueprint Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Golf Blueprint plan?

A Golf Blueprint plan is an intentional sequence of exercises built using the Golf Blueprint Algorithm. It targets the most critical areas of improvement, taking the guesswork out of practice by moving you through your entire practice session step-by-step. All plans include multiple sessions to ensure a month of engaging and structured practice. Plans are delivered monthly in PDF form, and each month they are updated with different sessions adjusted to ensure you are targeting the appropriate areas of improvement. 

Is a Golf Blueprint membership made for my game?

Golf Blueprint is designed to help any and all golfers improve their game. We pride ourselves on providing Golf Blueprint Plans to members ranging from world number one to golf newcomers. Our Golf Blueprint algorithm draws on decades of analytics, learning theory, and performance research to ensure you receive a plan that targets important areas of improvement. Our Members are seeing an average improvement of 2+ strokes in their first 3-months. 

How often should I do a Golf Blueprint plan?

We know life happens! A Golf Blueprint plan includes a number of Golf Blueprint sessions that are intended to be completed weekly. Some weeks allow you to practice as much as you want and some weeks take us away from the game. If squeezing in a little extra practice time in a week, don't be afraid to use your favorite Golf Blueprint cards, or simply continue the session cycle. 

How should I pair a Golf Blueprint membership with my swing coach?

A Golf Blueprint membership is the perfect bridge between your swing coach lessons and executing on the course. Every Golf Blueprint plan includes technique exercises in combination with creative exercises in order to help you dial in your feels while working to transition those feels to the round. On tour, the best swing coaches in the world trust Golf Blueprint and yours should too!

When should I do a Golf Blueprint session?

Whenever you can! The only Golf Blueprint rule is to separate warming-up from practice. A pre-round warm-up is not a time to practice. It is a time to get loose and ready for a great day on the course. If doing a Golf Blueprint session previous to a round, we suggest building in a short break, meal, or warm-up sequence before playing. And never forget, post-round is the BEST and most efficient time to get a practice session in.

What is Golf Blueprint Tour? 

The tour package is designed for world class players and they receive customized Golf Blueprints, hand built by Doc. Typically, Doc will fly to wherever the player is from, meet with them and their team to understand their unique needs. Then they will work together using statistics to build customized Golf Blueprint plans. Players have even requested course specific plans for events! 

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