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World number one. Major Champions. Ryder Cuppers. Thursday Night Skins Game Winners. Weekend Warriors. USGA Qualifiers. PGA Tour Members. Member-Guest Winners. 9-Hole Walkers. Lovers of Golf. You.

Lawyers. Doctors. Teachers. NBA Champions. Architects. Chefs. Parents. Personal Trainers. NHL Stanley Cup Champions. Food Delivery Runners. Daughters. Sons. Retirees. Second Career Starters. 

DJ Piehowski, No LAYING UP

"I’ve always struggled with how to actually practice golf. If you’re going to work out, I think everyone knows you’re more successful with a specific plan instead of hopping on random machines. Kevin and Nico are doing the same thing with golf. It’s adding structure and specific drills with your wedges that are different than specific drills with your 8-iron, holy *&$# does it make a difference. Being able to stand over shots on the golf course and know that you’ve practiced for that exact scenario gives you so much more confidence."

-DJ Pie, No Laying Up




Golf Blueprint Member handicap improvement after 3-months.



Golf Blueprint Member average handicap improvement after 3-months.

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How much Golf Blueprint Tour players have made while using the algorithm!
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