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Golf Blueprint Membership Options

What is the Golf Blueprint membership? 
Together with Golf Blueprint, you are in full control of your improvement!

Golf Blueprint combines learning theory, predictive analytics and tactic golf knowledge to eliminates the cognitive fatigue associated with 1. Knowing exactly what you should work on and 2. Designing daily practice plans that optimize your time. 

These aren't generic, one size fits all practice plans "helping you break 90." Your Golf Blueprint is created using the patent pending algorithm and customized for your game. 

What do I get?
Once you sign up, you will receive the Golf Blueprint questionnaire that will ask you about your game, practice habits and goals. If you have a statistical system you use, that is fantastic and as we say, the more data, the better. If you are not currently tracking your statistics, not to worry, we can use the algorithm and questionnaire to dial in your month one. 

No need to download an app, every 28 days we email your Golf Blueprint.
You have enough apps on your phone, with Golf Blueprint you don't need another one. Until we find a reason to justify building an app, we will simply deliver your next months plan to your email inbox. Just like you, we are always trying to find ways to improve and maximize value for our members! 


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What are the differences in the memberships? 
Players: The Golf Blueprint Players membership is perfect for the golfer looking to take their game to the next level. Dr. Moore and Doc Darras do the work for you to customize your Golf Blueprint Algorithm. The result is a Golf Blueprint plan that targets and improves the five critical areas of your game. Your plan includes several intentionally designed sessions of different length, ensuring you can fit practice into your schedule.

Classic: The Golf Blueprint Classic membership is for the golfer with limited practice time but looking for an edge whenever they tee it up. Each month, Dr. Moore and Doc Darras get together and hand build a Golf Blueprint plan that is efficient, intentional, and engaging. Your plan works on the five areas of the game with shorter sessions lengths versus the Players plan. 

"Tour": By invitation only. For players playing the PGA, LIV, DP World, Korn Ferry and LPGA Tours. Limited to (six) players per season. Each player spends time with Doc Darras to assess their game, integrate within their team and understand their unique strengths and areas of improvement. Throughout the season hand made plans are built and delivered based upon the players tournament schedule. **Tournament players not on one of the tours listed can book a Zoom session with Doc Darras to interview for an available spot. 


What is the Indoor membership?

Most of the country spends their winters indoor, that doesn't mean golf has to stop! All you need is a launch monitor (any brand is fine as long as it can track distance) a putting mat and we got you covered. The indoor membership uses special Golf Blueprint cards designed to be done inside focusing on the high yield areas of improvement. 

We offer the indoor membership as a 6 month package designed to last you the whole winter. Each month you will get your indoor membership delivered to your email making it easy for you to focus on your game without having to decide "what should I work on today?"

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