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Golf Blueprint Plan

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What is Golf Blueprint?

Golf Blueprint takes the guesswork out of practice by providing intentional, structured plans delivered every 28 days that guide you through each practice session.

Golf Blueprint will replace reactionary practice with a research-based process you can trust and rely on each day, month, and year. Instead of chasing last round's mistakes, we build towards long term goals.

Golf Blueprint's patent pending algorithm ensures that you are working on all parts of your game and focusing on high yield areas of improvement. 

Golf Blueprint as told by NLU

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Golf Blueprint Card Design

Golf Blueprint cards are unique practice exercises built on learning theory and performance improvement research.

Do players practice more because they're engaged and having fun, or are they engaged and having fun so they practice more? This is a question we hope you enjoy answering as a Golf Blueprint member!

Through a balance of creativity and challenge, our cards ensure you have more fun and interest in practice and play. 

Golf Blueprint Card, shot shaper drill

What about my swing coach?

Golf Blueprint card, Dim Tuncan

Golf Blueprint is the complement to your swing coach, not competition! We are not swing coaches.

On the members side, Golf Blueprint offers set time in each plan delivered to work on the things your swing coach recommends.​

On the tour side, Doc Darras works with swing coaches hand in hand to enhance the areas of the game they are working on.

Every single player, regardless of their ability wants to "improve their golf swing" and this will never change! Top tour coaches agree that this is important, but they realize their players need time "hitting shots" which is why they recommend Golf Blueprint to the best players in the world. 

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