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Photo Courtesy of Scott Arden

The Golf Blueprint Algorithm

The patent pending Golf Blueprint Algorithm combines decades of research on learning theory, predictive analytics, and golf data with Kevin and Nico's academic expertise to deliver an unmatched game improvement plan. The Golf Blueprint Algorithm is designed for all levels of players so that you, a Golf Blueprint Member, can trust you are targeting the best areas of improvement in intentional ways. The Golf Blueprint Algorithm takes the guess work out of practice, ensuring that each day you are getting the most out of your practice.

"Golf Blueprint helps me practice efficiently and in an organized fashion. I don’t waste time wondering what I should practice next. I simply execute." 

- Golf Blueprint Member



As a Golf Blueprint Member, you will be empowered as a learner through focused practice sessions. You will develop the practice tools and skill that matter most for improvement, giving you confidence and freeing you from the constant chase of equipment and swing gimmicks. Golf Blueprint Members see a 2+ handicap decrease average in a 3 month span, all while having more fun and interest in practice and play. 

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