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Welcome to the Golf Blueprint Team. You are joining a community of golfers around the world that are dedicated to improving their games. Golf Blueprint is the best practice product available, with a typical member improving 2.8 strokes in their first three months of membership. We can’t wait to see the progress you make. 

You receive monthly plans that take you through your practice step-by-step. Our plans are built using the patent-pending Golf Blueprint Algorithm, which incorporates  predictive analytics, learning theories, and performance psychology. No longer will you ask, "Did I practice the right thing today?" You will leave each session on the best path to improvement. Golf Blueprint ensures you have that shot.


Nico Darras, MA

Nico Darras is a Doctoral student at Pepperdine University and a competitive golfer on the Outlaw Tour in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nico was a former All-American baseball player who suffered a career-ending injury one month before the Major League draft.


After never having played a full round of golf in his life, Nico took up the sport at the age of 23. Following Golf Blueprint's philosophy, he became a scratch player two years later and now Nico has set his sights on becoming a professional golfer.


As an academic and athlete, Nico’s approach to golf is innovative and creatively unique, capturing his Doctoral focus on adult-learning theories including criterion reference instruction.


Kevin Moore, PhD

Kevin is a Professor at the University of Georgia and a competitive amateur golfer. Kevin was a NCAA Division I Collegiate Golfer with academic honors, has qualified for multiple USGA competitions, and has caddied on the Hooters Tour, Mackenzie Tour, and Champions Tour.


Kevin stepped away from the game for a decade to complete Master's and Doctoral studies in applied mathematics, analytics, education, and psychology. Upon his return to the game, Kevin applied principles learned during his studies to found the strategy and game management company Squares 2 Circles and co-found Golf Blueprint with Nico. 


His background in mathematics and cognitive development prepares Kevin to balance analytics with mental engagement and theories of change. Reflecting his soulful and passionate approach to the game, Kevin is also Chief Ambassador of NewClub Golf Society.



"I am officially HOOKED! It was so refreshing to be on the range and actually feel a sense of accomplishment. For too many years, I have just worked through the bag, beating balls with no purpose."


How often should I do a Golf Blueprint Plan?

Your Golf Blueprint Plan includes 2-3 Sessions of different time lengths, and we suggest you execute the three sessions in whatever order matches your schedule. Once you’ve completed your sessions, restart the plan. But, we know life happens! Your Golf Blueprint Sessions vary in their length so that you can conveniently fit them in your schedule.

When should I do a Golf Blueprint Session?

Whenever you can! The only Golf Blueprint rule is to separate warming-up from practice. A pre-round warm-up is not a time to practice.  If doing a Golf Blueprint Session before to a round, we suggest building in a short break, meal, or warm-up sequence before playing. Never forget, post-round is the BEST and most efficient time to get a practice session in.

Should I do the Golf Blueprint Cards in the order they are provided?

Each Golf Blueprint Plan is informed by best practices for game improvement. We have structured every aspect of your plan and you should complete the wedge, approach, and driving cards associated with a session in the order they are provided. You can adjust the short game ordering as necessary to fit your schedule and practice setup.

What if I want to practice more or squeeze in a quick practice?

You won’t hear us complaining about you wanting to put in additional work on your game. If squeezing in a little extra practice time in a week or a short practice, don't be afraid to use your favorite Golf Blueprint Cards.

When can I expect an updated Golf Blueprint Plan?

Your Golf Blueprint Plan is updated on a monthly (4-week) rotation. This allows time for you to settle into and fully benefit from your Golf Blueprint Plan before your monthly update. This also allows your plan to take into account the practice data you provide.

What is Golf Blueprint’s biggest practice tip?

Have fun, enjoy yourself, and embrace the challenge. All Golf Blueprint Plans are designed to provide an engaging practice experience. The important thing is not the outcome of each shot or the session. Because you showed up and put in the work, you can be confident that you are on the best path of improvement. 

What if I don’t know how to do a Golf Blueprint Card?

Don’t be surprised if you come across a card that you do not know how to do. Every Golf Blueprint Plan is designed to push you so you learn new shots. Applying what you learn through your time with Golf Blueprint, you will develop a variety of shots that you can execute when it matters most on the golf course.

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